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You will receive an email after your order is place. It will cover various things like fulfilment time and the shipping date your product leaves our warehouse. If your product is backordered or out of stock we will let you know and the time expected to ship your product. Shipping times are the time your product leaves our warehouse . The time you will receive your product may vary. Most orders are processed in one to two working days. 


Your business is greatly appreciated. We want you to be completly satisfied. If in any way your product has a manufactures defect we will gladly exchange it or refund your purchase price. We appreciate your business and will do everything possible for make your buying experience enjoyable. It your product is defective we want to make it right contact us to resolve your problem. Note there is a 30 day time limit to resolve your pronlem. NOTE: Shipping expenses do not apply to products that do not have a manufactures defect when received at our warehouse.  We sincerely hope your experience with One Source Marketplace can build your trust and returned business.

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